Medieval Mondays…

Do you love medieval romance?

Do you get a thrill reading the scene when a hero and heroine have their first significant encounter?

Then join me starting on Monday, August 7, through November 6 as fourteen authors of medieval romance (Laurel O’Donnell, Ashley York, Mary Morgan, Barbara Bettis, Cathy MacRae, Ruth A. Casie, Bambi Lynn, Lane McFarland, Judith Sterling Marshall, Sherry Ewing, Elisabeth Hobbes, Jenna Jaxson, Nicole Locke, and me 🙂 ) share snippets from a “first encounter scene” in a serialized fashion.

If you stop by each blog, every Monday, and leave a comment, you will be entered for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Each author will be awarding a different prize at the end of the tour and the winners names will be drawn from people who commented on their posts.


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4 Responses to Medieval Mondays…

  1. Cool Beans!! Now all I have to do is remember the date!! LOL

  2. Hannah says:

    Awesome, very much looking forward to this x

  3. debra allen says:

    I love medieval above all

  4. debra allen says:

    I’m so excited Thank you

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