Why wear a mask?

My last post was last August when with bold confidence I announced that I was back.

Clearly I wasn’t.

Now I will state with bold confidence, I might post again and I might not. What I will do is share my opinion when I feel strongly about something. Hence the title of this post. I feel strongly about wearing a mask in public.

I hate wearing masks. They fog up my glasses. They make my nose tickle. I feel very claustrophobic in them. But I wear one in public anyway. A few days ago my sister-in-law posted a bulleted list on Facebook outlining why she wears a mask. I reposted it on Facebook, so I won’t do it here.

It’s a good list, and absolutely expresses my reasons for wearing a mask. But one reason stands out for me above all others. I care more about you, my fellow humans, than I do about my own comfort.

Wearing a mask (unless it’s properly fitting, N-95 mask) will not protect me from getting the virus. It will prevent me from exposing you. With every breath, possibly virus-laden micro droplets of moisture spew forth from my nose and mouth, landing on every surface near me.

No, I do not feel ill. I don’t have a single symptom of COVID-19.  But, as with almost any virus, I know I could be infectious before I display the first symptom. I also know, as with almost any virus, I could be exposed and infectious while only having mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. 

What might prevent me from getting the virus? You already know the answer. Social distancing, good hand-washing and keeping my hands away from my face. This too is true for many viruses.

So, if we all keep our distance and follow good rules of hygiene, why wear a mask? Because we are human and make mistakes. It seems to be almost impossible for me to keep my hands away from my face. And even though I know the proper technique to thoroughly wash my hands, again, I make mistakes. The fact is, in spite of everything we do, the more chances we have to touch the virus, the more chances we have to get the virus.

It all boils down to this: the absolute best way to avoid the virus is not to come into contact with it. The best way to do that is for everyone to minimize exposure for everyone. Protect others by social distancing and wearing a mask. Protect yourself by good hygiene. 

It isn’t political, it’s compassionate.

Be kind.

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4 Responses to Why wear a mask?

  1. annalba says:

    Well said. Our town just made Mask Mandatory in ALL public places . I don’t understand why some people think it’s a hoax , I saw the bodies in Italy, I read about the freezer trucks in New York. people are acting like 2 year olds,.
    Any way I am not griping anymore,
    Take care , Be well, Stay Well.
    PS has there been any Gertrude sitings lately ?

  2. anniekhemraj says:

    Good to see you’re back, Ceci! Totally agree with your post. It’s beneficial for everyone involved and people should start taking this more seriously. At work, if people don’t have on a face mask, they’re not allowed in the medical building. Hope you and yours are well, take care a be safe always!

    Yours truly,
    Annie 😘

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