It’s release day!!

The Choice went live today and Gertrude is out and about. She stopped by Seelkfireice for a wee chat with Eniko. Be sure to check it out!

I will be going live on Facebook on Sunday at 8PM Eastern Daylight Time. You can ask me questions about anything. I promise to answer, I don’t promise to tell the truth. If you can’t be at the Facebook event but you want to ask a question, post it below and I’ll try to answer it live. You can watch the video later for answers.

Remember, The Choice contains two,  brand-new, full-length novels, each with a different HEA. If you read it and enjoy it, let me know and leave a review on Amazon.

Sixty days in another life, another time…it’s tempting. Now the decision to accept the pocket watch is yours. What choice will you make?

Sara Wells is in Venice, preparing to leave on a fourteen day cruise to Greece, when Gertrude offers her the pocket watch.
Will she take it? You choose.

If you accept the watch, Sara will travel to eighteenth century Venice where she meets a young Scottish expatriate who owns a small ship building company. Will their love for each other be enough to overcome all obstacles?

If you refuse the watch, Sara will remain in the twenty-first century, where she will encounter a traveler from the past and more intrigue than she can pack into the books she writes.

Once you’ve read one, you can go back and make the other choice.

One choice, two souls, two different happy endings.



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