Not Superwoman

Over the course of the last year and a half, I have done a variety of interviews. One question that has been asked frequently is “How do you manage a family, a full time career, and a being an author?”

Over and over the answer has been some form of “I don’t.” What you see publicly is what I have devoted most of my time to. Much of the year my children are away at college so the role of mother is much less involved. Furthermore, I am not a great house keeper and I owned a consulting firm, so I had tons of flexibility with my career.

This all began to change in October. I accepted a position as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with a small European pharmaceutical company, previously one of my biggest clients. In December my children came home for about six weeks. Of course I loved this, but I elected to spend more time with them than I have during past school breaks. Plus, I had a few extra distractions thrown in.  The result? I became an even worse housekeeper, was much less visible on social media, I haven’t written much and I didn’t update this page at all.

So now my daughter is back to school. My son graduated  in December, but lives and works now in Maryland. And I have hired someone to help with housekeeping occasionally. My career still demands much of my time, but I am hoping to get back to writing soon. I started today by updating my unfortunately ignored website.

Now links to all of my Duncurra books (electronic, paperback and audio versions) can be found under the heading “Duncurra Series.” The links to Highland Winds, The Scrolls of Cridhe Volume I, can be found under “The Guardians of Cridhe.” Very soon, I will be updating readers on my next, still to be names series. The first book in this series is Highland Revenge, my contribution to Highland Winds.

I will try to post something here a bit more often. If there is some topic about which you would like to know more (my characters, my settings, or even “What in the heck is Regulatory Affairs?”) please ask and I will devote some blog time to your questions.

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  1. great to have an update from you , looking forward to your next book

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