Interview with Fingal MacIan – Reprised

I received lots of comments after the release of Highland Solution about how much readers love Fingal MacIan. Last spring, before the release of Highland Courage, I interviewed Fingal.  You can read that interview here if you wish

I thought I would provide brief update.

Ceci: It is lovely to see you again. I have a lot of readers who have been anxious to learn more about you.

Fingal: Ye are very welcome, lass. It is my pleasure.

Ceci: The last time we met I said that my readers would think your future wife very lucky to be married to you.

Fingal: (Laughs) I remember. Clearly ye are no seer. King David II asked, or should I say required, me to marry Gillian MacLennan, Malcolm MacLennan’s heir. He wanted to ensure a stable leader for that clan. Unfortunately, Gillian hates me.

Ceci: How could she hate ye? Does she even know ye?

Fingal: Aye, she knows me. I visited Brathanead and the MacLennan clan often enough over the years.

Ceci: Hate is a pretty strong emotion. What could ye have done to earn her hate?

Fingal: That’s just it, I did nothing. She hates me because of what my mother did, but that is another story.

Ceci: I’m sorry to hear that. This marriage sounds doomed.

Fingal: Aye, I thought it might be–until I kissed her. (His eyes twinkle and he winks at me. Dear God in heaven, how could Gillian not swoon?).

Ceci: (trying desperately to maintain my composure) So one kiss is all it took to win her? (That might do it for me).

Fingal: (He chuckles) Ye give me too much credit. Nay, one kiss didn’t win her. However, when I kissed her the first time, during our wedding, she…well, let’s just say she wasn’t immune to my charms. I knew it would take work, but I believed I could win her heart eventually.

Ceci: And did ye win her heart?

Fingal: Now, ye wouldn’t want me giving away the whole story would ye?

Ceci: I suppose I wouldn’t. However, you are both charming and persistent, so I am fairly confident that Gillian will come around.

Fingal: Yer lips to God’s ear, lass. Gillian is magnificent. She is strong, loyal, compassionate and absolutely stunning.

Ceci: Well, I am certain readers will want to read more about you and your lady love. And they can by reading Highland Intrigue, available at Amazon, B&N and Kobo.


Lady Gillian MacLennan’s clan needs a leader, but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan. She can neither forgive nor forget that his mother killed her father, and, by doing so, created Clan MacLennan’s current desperate circumstances.

King David knows a weak clan, without a laird, can change quickly from a simple annoyance to a dangerous liability, and he cannot ignore the turmoil. The MacIan’s owe him a great debt, so when he makes Fingal MacIan laird of clan MacLennan and requires that he marry Lady Gillian, Fingal is in no position to refuse.

In spite of the challenge, Fingal is confident he can rebuild her clan, ease her heartache and win her affection. However, just as love awakens, the power struggle takes a deadly turn.  Can he protect her from the unknown long enough to uncover the plot against them?  Or will all be lost, destroying the happiness they seek in each other’s arms?

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2 Responses to Interview with Fingal MacIan – Reprised

  1. this is gonna be awesome

  2. Sue-Ellen Welfonder says:

    Loved the interview! (already loved Fingal 🙂 ) Posted a bit about the book on Tartan Ink this morning:

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