Seeking your Scottish ancestors?

Consider contacting Borders Journeys. Started in 2012 by Ian Walker, they provide exclusive private and small group guided sightseeing tours throughout Scotland. They specialize in tours of Dumfries & Galloway, Scottish Borders and Northumberland. Their daily scheduled and private tours depart from Edinburgh and Glasgow, however private tours are available from anywhere in Scotland.

Throughout 2014 Borders Journeys will be participating in the Year of Homecoming Scotland. During the year-long celebration of everything Scottish, they will be sharing the beauty, history and culture of Scotland with their visitors and homecomers. Check out thier website to learn more about their tours. Details of their 2014 tours are still being finalized and will appear on their website in early December.

But Ceci, why would I contact a tour company about genealogy you ask? Because Borders Journeys, is much more than simply an excellent tour company providing first-class service and memorable tours of Scotland. They also provide advice about researching your Scottish ancestry and will undertake the research on your behalf. They use a wide range of historical and genealogical resources including Scotland’s Peoples Centre in Edinburgh, private and local archives plus on-line sources. Where possible they will visit the area where your ancestors lived and photograph their home, local church and headstone.

On completion of their research, you will receive a comprehensive ancestral report which will also include:

• copies of original birth, marriage and death certificates
• parish register entries
• census returns
• other documents that were examined
• where possible photographs

Ian himself performs the research with enthusiasm and vigor–it is his passion. His interest in family and social history began in childhood from stories that his grandpa shared. He meticulously researched his own ancestry and has gone on to carry out ancestral research professionally. Over a period of twenty years he has successfully researched and recorded the family lines of his sixty-four, great, great, great, great grandparents. Ian’s particular expertise lies in researching families in Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Lanarkshire, Lothians and Scottish Borders; however he has carried out research in all areas of Scotland.

In my opinion, one of the most unique services that they offer is their ancestral tours. Each ancestral tour is tailor-made especially for you. You will be taken on a journey of discovery where you’ll connect with your ancestors by walking in their footsteps then we’ll bring them to life by discovering the people, places and traditions connected with them. Borders Journeys is registered with Visit Scotland Ancestral Welcome Scheme.

You can contact them as follows:

Tel: (+44) 0131 450 7151 or (+44) 07794 021819
Follow us on Facebook: Borders Journeys
Follow us on Twitter: @Bordersjourneys

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2 Responses to Seeking your Scottish ancestors?

  1. Mary Morgan says:

    Excellent, Ceci! I am hoping to get back to Scotland in 2015, so will definitely look into their tours. Have you taken a tour with them?

  2. cecigiltenan says:

    I have friends that did and had nothing but good things to say. I have exchanged emails with Ian, who is extremely nice and has allowed me to use some gorgeous photos. I think the concept of “Ancestral tours” is a brilliant niche.

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