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One of the most gratifying things about having published a book is reading the many positive reader reviews. Today I received my first paperback copy of Highland Solution and was thrilled to see that my publisher quoted some of these reviews inside the front cover of the book. However, it struck me that these readers would likely never see this because they have already read the electronic version. Therefore, in case any of these readers follow my blog, I wanted to post the quoted sections here.

“One of the best books I ever read! Amazing this is a debut book I can’t praise it enough!” –Barb, Amazon reader

“This book is exactly what I look for in romances. Great plot, amazing characters and good drama. I’m really hoping this author writes many more books like this one. I’m waiting!” –Amy, Amazon reader

“…lots of action and adventure. Great chemistry. Flowed well. Never boring, didn’t find myself skipping through. Really enjoyed it.” –Charlene, Amazon reader

“…My biggest disappointment was it was not longer. . I can’t wait for a sequel.” –Donna, Amazon reader

“I love romance and adventure and this story had both. It was not too steamy but steamy enough and, in my opinion, it had a great story line and lots of action/adventure.”–R. Williams, Amazon reader

The quotes by Donna and Amy are also featured on the back cover!

Thank you all for the kind words. Thanks also to all the other readers who posted wonderful reviews. It absolutely boggles my mind that four and five star reviews have been posted on Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Germany. And to those of you who are hoping for a sequel, Highland Courage will be under contract soon and we are hoping for an early 2014 release. I will announce it here when the ink is dry on the contract.

All the best,

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