Big Fish Small Pond

Last night I learned that Highland Solution is my publisher’s number one best seller! Champagne Books ( is a small press, but they have a number of excellent authors and produce a surprising variety of books. If you have the opportunity, take a stroll through their online bookstore. The little tiny, competitive, Type-A portion of my personality is strutting around as if she won an Olympic medal. Shhhh, don’t interrupt her. It is so rare that she gets this opportunity. 😉

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2 Responses to Big Fish Small Pond

  1. Karla Roche says:

    Highland Solution is one of the best books that I have read. It read smoothly and I found it very well written. Do you have any more books available?

  2. cecigiltenan says:

    I am thrilled that you enjoyed it! Thank you for letting me know. I always appreciate reviews on Amazon, Goodreads or other similar sites. More books are coming. I just sent the next one in the series (Highland Courage) to my publisher for a first read (it tells Tadhg’s story). I am also working feverishly on Fingal’s story. I will make an announcement here regarding the release date.

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