The Fated Hearts Series

In Highland Revenge, Fiona’s fate is forever changed when her guards venture with her onto a rival clan’s land while escorting her to her betrothed Bram Sutherland.

Does he hate her clan enough to visit his vengeance on her? Or will he listen to her secret and his own heart’s yearning?CoverFinalSM-HighlandRevenge

Hatred lives and breathes between medieval clans who often don’t remember why feuds began in the shadowed past.

But Eoin MacKay remembers.

He will never forget how he was treated by Bhaltair MacNicol—the acting head of Clan MacNicol. He was lucky to escape alive, and vows to have revenge.
Years later, as laird of Clan MacKay, he gets his chance when he captures Lady Fiona MacNicol. His desire for revenge is strong but he is beguiled by his captive.

Can he forget his stubborn hatred long enough to listen to the secret she has kept for so long? And once he knows the truth, can he show her she is not alone and forsaken? In the end, is he strong enough to fight the combined hostilities and age-old grudges that demand he give her up?


ICoverFinalSM-HighlandEchoesn Highland Echos, Bram Sutherland has been left without a bride. 

Love echoes.

Grace Breive is strong and independent because she has to be. She has a wee daughter to care for and, having lost her parents and husband, has no one else on whom she can rely. Driven from the only home she has ever known, she travels to Castle Sutherland to find a grandmother she never knew she had.

As Laird Sutherland’s heir, Bram Sutherland understands his obligation to enter into a political marriage for the good of the clan, but he is captivated by the beautiful and resilient young mother.

Will Bram and Grace follow the dictates of their hearts, or will echoes from the past force them apart?

CoverFinalSM-HighlandAngelsIn Highland Angels, we meet Anna MacKay, Eoin’s younger sister who is captured by an enemy clan forever changing her fate.

Anna MacKay fears the MacLeods. Andrew MacLeod fears love.

Anna, angry with her brother, took a walk to cool her temper. She had no intention of venturing so close to MacLeod territory—until she saw a wee lad fall through the ice.

Andrew becomes enraged when it appears the MacKay lass has abducted his son, his last precious connection to the wife he lost—until he learns the truth. Anna, risked her life to save his beloved child.

Now there is a chance to end the generations old hate and fear between their clans.

Fate connects them. The desire for peace binds them. Will a rival tear them apart?




36 Responses to The Fated Hearts Series

  1. Pat Ming says:

    I had hoped you would put Bran and Anna together. I will look forward to your books

  2. cecigiltenan says:

    Alas, Anna is destined for another. Actually, I began her story several years ago. In fact, it was the second book I started to write but readers wanted to hear more about Tadhg and Fingal so I put Anna aside for a while. When I was searching for a family and plot for the Highland Winds project, I looked at her brothers and Eoin seemed perfect.

    I am so glad to hear that you have enjoyed the books so far.
    ❤ Ceci

  3. linda says:

    just finished highland echoes and I don’t cry very often over a book but you got me with this one. it was great and as always love the little twist you put in you plots. cant wait for the next one thanks again and yes I have read everything you have wrote. one of my favorites was Tadhg of course. keep writing thanks linda

  4. cecigiltenan says:

    I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed Highland Echoes. Grace may be one of my favorite heroines so far! If you have a moment, I would truly appreciate a review on Amazon.
    ❤ Ceci

  5. Sujithra Josephine says:


    Your fated heart series is awesome. I very much look forward to the next book about Anna.
    Will you be writing about any other characters in the Fated Heart Series?


  6. cecigiltenan says:

    H Sujithra,
    I am so glad you have enjoyed Highland Revenge and Highland Echoes (I always appreciate reviews on Amazon 😉 ). Regarding the potential for other books, as I write stories, sometimes unexpected characters emerge as potential heroes or heroines. Anna’s brothers in Highland Revenge have possibilities but the guardsman Michael in Highland Echoes almost certainly will have his story told. I am also toying with the idea of telling Kristen’s story someday.

    I also must rid the little world I have built of Fearchar Morrison. He is likely to appear again so he can be dealt with. Some villains are redeemable, others are not. I suspect Fearchar is not. I also have a germ of an idea that may involve one of the Morrison guardsmen.

    Stay tuned.

    ❤ Ceci

    • AnnieWashabaugh says:

      I can’t wait to read Anna’s story! I’ll try and wait patiently! I’m not sure Fearchar is redeemable at all! Having his guardsmen deal with him would be sweet! I can’t wait for Michaels story too. He so deserves his story told. (OH, what a good story that will be!)
      Kristen’s story will also be a good story! I have enjoyed all of your books! Highland Echos has to be 1 of the best so far! Thank you so much for your stories and talent! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  7. Sujithra Josephine says:


    Really glad that you have plans to write more novels in this series. I always love novels in a series than stand alone ones.


    • cecigiltenan says:

      I’ll tell you a secret. ALL of my books are connected. 🙂 The books in the Duncurra series (which starts about twenty year after Fated Hearts) have characters from Fated Hearts in them. Father Colm appears in both Highland Solution and Highland Courage as well as Highland Echoes. Laird and Lady Chisholm, from Highland Solution, will appear in Highland Angels. Bhaltair MacNicol’s son Stephen who is mentioned in Highland Revenge is the priest in Highland Intrigue. Alec MacNicol’s new baby, Marjean, who is mentioned in Highland Revenge, is one of Mairead MacKenzie’s sisters-in-law in Highland Courage. And there are others 😉
      ❤ Ceci

  8. Sujithra Josephine says:

    So sweet of you to tell these details. I am planning on re-reading the Duncurra series. Out of curiosity can I know if the Hero for Anna is the MacLeod mentioned in Highland Echoes the brother in law of Annice

  9. cecigiltenan says:

    🙂 Yes. The hero is Andrew MacLeod.

  10. Sujithra Josephine says:


  11. Sujithra Josephine says:


    When will the next book be released. Awaiting eagerly for it.


  12. Judy Lea Ritchie says:

    I have a question. Where is highland angels in the fated heart series it was suppose to be out summer of 2015 and this is October. 😃

  13. cecigiltenan says:

    Highland Angels was targeted for the end of August but sadly real life interfered. Among other things, my father was seriously injured and I have lost some writing time. I hope to release it this month.

    Hang in there with me for a bit longer.

    ❤ Ceci

  14. Annie says:

    Oh! My! I hope your Dad will be ok! Sending prayers and a virtual hug!
    Everything else can wait! Family far more important lass!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Thank you so much for your great books, i love reading your stories. They are captivating and took me along on the journey. Its great to find an author who can make you lose yourself in the story.

    Again a big thank you from The Netherlands


  16. cecigiltenan says:

    Wow, thank you. You made my day. I am thrilled to hear that you have enjoyed reading my books. Highland Angels, the next book in the Fated Hearts series will be released very soon–the target is November 10th.
    ❤ Ceci

  17. Lynn Gentile says:

    I just love your books. I read your Duncurra Series first which was wonderful and then I began reading your Fated Heart Series. Your stories are fabulous and the journey you take me on each time I read your books is fantastic. I just finish reading “Highland Echos” and I just loved that story. It isn’t often that I both laugh and cry when reading novel but I did that many times throughout this story. I am looking forward to beginning “Highland Angel” and I am sure I will be swept away once again. Please keep writing these wonderful Highland Adventures.

  18. Terri says:

    Will there be any additional books in the Fated Heart Series? Would love to see one for Claire Morrison.

    • cecigiltenan says:

      Yes there will be. A book is planned for Michael (from Highland Echoes) and I definitely think Claire has a book coming (but it might be a Pocket Watch story 😉 I’m not sure yet). It is entirely possible that Coll Morrison has a book as well. And then there are the children…

      Unfortunately I have a demanding day job and don’t have as much time to write as I would like. Still, I am hoping to have at least one more Fated Hearts story and one more Duncurra story out before the end of the year.

      ❤ Ceci

    • cecigiltenan says:

      Claire Morrison’s story did become one of the Pocket Watch Chronicles, The Gift. It is hands-down my favorite story so far.

      ❤ Ceci

  19. Charlotte Roberts says:

    Love your books just got three reading Anna and Andrews book for the third time will there be any more in the fated hearts series i have read all of your books

  20. Patricia Creamer says:

    I enjoyed your Duncurra and Fated Hearts series. I have read each several times. I Would like to see a book about Mairi and Tasgall how he courts her since there is a few years between them and it will be awhile until she grows up and they marry. Also in your epilogue in Highland Angel They seem very close. He seems very protective of her. Please though please continue to keep on writing. I like your approach to your stories

    • cecigiltenan says:

      I’m so happy you have enjoyed my Scottish historical romances. I’m not sure there is enough in Mairi and Tasgall’s story to fill a novel. After all, at the end of Highland Angels Mairi admitted that she didn’t hate him. 😉 But I’ll think on it.

      I’ve fairly certain there will be stories about their children. You’ve already seen their son, Dougal, at the end of Highland Intrigue. We might see him again.

      ❤ Ceci

  21. Patricia Creamer says:

    Thanks Ceci for your reply. Hoping you do write a story on Dougal MacKay and other children from the Fated Heart Series. Please. just keep the books coming with your wonderful writing. God Bless you.

  22. Sarah says:

    Hi …I have read several of the “Pocket Watch” series, so thought I’d try “Highland revenge” So far the story is good…..BUT have just finished the 1st chapter……and so many typos and sentences left hanging….it is kind of hard for it to stay fluent. WANTED YOU TO KNOW.

  23. Sarah says:

    Now into chapter 5 and still numerous typos…..ugh.

    • cecigiltenan says:

      Hmmmm. Are you reading paperback or e-book?

      That book has been edited several times and the version I have (that I believe is the last version uploaded) is clean.

      Please let me know,

      ❤ Ceci

      • Sarah says:

        It was an e-book, since on my kindle fire. I even had to try to guess what the rest of the sentence had in it. A few I couldn’t even …guess, by the context what was meant. Just left me hanging. I just got it that day off Amazon. I did not see many errors after about chap 14.
        Although, the story was great!!!! But the cut off sentences really kill the fluidity in reading.
        Yes, love your Medical expertise …since I am also an RN.
        Thank you for responding. I do plan to read all your books!!!!

  24. Sarah RN says:

    Of you desire ….I can re-read ch. 1- 15 and let
    You know of the errors. Via private email.

  25. Paul says:

    So is guardsman Michael in Highland Echoes ever getting his own story

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