An open letter to whomever…

This is my blog. My space.



I have the right to post my thoughts, wishes, hopes, desires and if I so choose, political statements. THAT IS WHAT A BLOG IS FOR.

If you disagree with me or are offended by anything I post, don’t follow me.

If you wish to engage in a meaningful discussion, I am more than happy to–as long as I know to whom I am speaking.

If you post anonymous comments or complaints, I will delete them.


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5 Responses to An open letter to whomever…

  1. Kimi Court says:

    Totally agree lady,

  2. Chrissy E says:


    I couldn’t find another way to contact you, so I hope this is okay. I’ve been re-reading your 2nd Fated Hearts book—it’s one of my favorites and that lead me to a re-read of some of your other books, as well as discovering the Duncurra Legacy series. I am absolutely loving A Wee Highland Predicament. I actually quite liked Honoria Cockburn ( the girl whom Moira McNaughton tripped)—even from the brief scene Lucas had with her. I just wanted to pass along that I would love to see a book with her featured.

    I look forward to more of the Legacy books and any other future books. Thanks so much for writing wonderful books.

  3. cecigiltenan says:

    It is perfectly fine to contact me here. 🙂 I’d normally say Facebook is the most expedient way to reach me, but I haven’t been online much recently. I’m glad you are enjoying my books. I always love to hear that.

    I like Honoria as well. She was intended to just be an incidental character who is a bit like me. But I am thinking about a story for her.

    I would like for Flan MacKenzie to have a story, but it hasn’t come to me yet.

    ❤ Ceci

  4. Judy says:

    Good Evening I was looking to see if you wrote a book with tadhg mathsom in highland solutions want to see if he got married. I really love the pocket watch series

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