Medieval Mondays – Judith Sterling

We are continuing with our medieval first encounters. This week you will find another snippet from Highland Redemption on Judith Sterling’s website.

Below is a snippet from Judith Sterling’s, Soul of the Wolf, the Novels of Ravenwood, book two.

Her gaze dropped to the mantle slung over her right forearm.  She transferred it to her left arm and kept her gaze lowered.  “Have you any questions for me?”

“Not particularly.”

Her brown eyes claimed his once more.  “None at all?”

He frowned.  “What would you have me ask?”

“Something about my dowry, mayhap.  Or my travels.”

“Very well.  How fared you on your journey?”

Her lips twisted.  “In truth, my dowry fared better than my backside.”

Soul of the Wolf – Blurb

A Norman loyalist, Lady Jocelyn bristles when ordered to marry Wulfstan, a Saxon sorcerer. She nurses a painful secret and would rather bathe in a cesspit than be pawed by such a man…until her lifelong dream of motherhood rears its head.

A man of magic and mystery, Wulfstan has no time for wedded bliss. He fears that consummating their marriage will bind their souls and wrench his focus from the ancient riddle his dying mother begged him to solve. He’s a lone wolf, salving old wounds with endless work. But Jocelyn stirs him as no woman ever has.

Their attraction is undeniable. Their fates are intertwined. Together, they must face their demons and bring light to a troubled land.

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Continue to follow along as Judith goes on to Laurel O’Donnell’s blog next week. And be sure to leave a comment below for a chance to win a prize at the end of the tour.


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