Highland Angels – The wait is almost over

Highland Angels is almost ready to go. Some of you are aware that my dad was seriously injured at the end of August. I also have a full time day job which requires my full attention. Between these two things, this release had to be delayed.

Now I want your opinion. I can put it up for pre-order tomorrow, but the release date would be November 23rd. I’m not going to lie, this option is a bit better for me–but only a bit.

If I don’t put it up for pre-order, it will likely be available for sale on November 9th or 10th. This option puts it into reader’s hands about two weeks earlier.

If it were up to you, what would your choice be? 😉


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6 Responses to Highland Angels – The wait is almost over

  1. ohhhhhh love the pre-order ,that way where i am so busy it can be on my kindle and not forget to get it , awesome

  2. Judy Lea Ritchie says:

    Sorry, tee hee, earlier the better for me..😃

  3. Judy Lea Ritchie says:

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is on the mend.

  4. dovre99 says:

    Ohh! I go with pre-order also! I agree this way I won’t miss it when it comes out!! Hope your Dad is doing better!! Hugs!!

  5. Michelle says:

    I hope you Dad if feeling better!! Pre-order would be my choice!

  6. murphy says:

    Would love it on pre order been looking forward to reading this book all summer and fall hope your dad gets well soon

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