Win a $10 Kobo Gift Certificate

Kobo is looking very good and Amazon is making me cranky. A few weeks ago I placed Highland Solution on sale for $0.99 for one week. It was a huge success. This isn’t exactly a simple thing to do everywhere. You must go into each site that carries the book and change the price. On Barnes and Noble and Amazon, the price doesn’t change automatically, it can take a few hours or more. Then when the sale is over you have to do the same thing. Again, it can take longer some places than others to change.

Kobo is the exception to this. You can set up a sale, with a start and end time and the price changes automatically exactly when you want it to! One easy step.

But, Ceci, you only have your book on Amazon, B&N and Kobo, how hard could it be to go in the other two sites twice to accomplish this?

As it turns out, harder than I thought. When I changed the price back on B&N, for some reason, it did not recalculate the price in the UK and EU accurately. So while it appeared to priced correctly in the US, it was still reduced everywhere else. This wouldn’t have been tragic, but apparently, the pricing rules at Amazon don’t allow for it to be priced lower anywhere. The result? Amazon has pulled Highland Solution from the market. Even though I manually changed the price in the UK and EU on B&N, there still is some problem getting Highland Solution back up on Amazon.

Not only does Kobo has definite advantages over the other two, I had the opportunity to meet Jodi White, the Director of Writing Life at Kobo this weekend and am seriously impressed with their potential.

But, Ceci, I don’t have a Kobo reader.

Of course you do. Did you know that the Kobo reader app can be downloaded on nearly any device, including your Kindle Fire? Check it out here:

I am going to run a little giveaway this week for a $10 Kobo gift certificate. I will select a random winner on Friday. All you need to do is download the Kobo app and comment on this post. While you are there, consider buying a book that you might have bought on Amazon and give it a try!



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7 Responses to Win a $10 Kobo Gift Certificate

  1. seelkfireice says:

    I have a Kobo, but I am not impressed with it. The software update messed it up, I called Customer Service and they lack manners. I can buy only one book at the time, so if I find 3 books, I have to make 3 transactions. I am using an iPad now for the last 2 years, can read any format and I am a happy camper.

  2. Tonda Pasowicz says:

    I have kobo app ! Love it !

  3. Pat Walker Pinkston says:

    I’ve had the Kobo reader app on my laptop for quite some time.

  4. anniekhemraj says:

    I already have the kobo app on my iPad. It’s actually really neat! I have a few free books on it & haven’t read any yet. I’m a sucker for the Kindle even though Amazon can be frustrating at times!

    Happy reading all!


  5. Dawn says:

    Hey Ceci, have a Kobo now and have the app on windows 8 laptop..getting started exploring on that site ‘-) ….Blessings Dawn

  6. cecigiltenan says:

    Well my darlings, if you were wondering why I haven’t announced a winner, it is because I cannot get a Kobo e-gift certificate. They appear on the Kobo website but are currently unavailable 😦 . As soon as they are available, I will notify the winner.

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