Tell a Friend Tuesday!

Déjà vu? Yes I suggested this a few months ago but I thought I would do it again.

Word of mouth is the single best promotional tool for nearly any product or service.

How many times have you gone to see a movie, eaten at a restaurant, or even made an appointment with a doctor because of a friend’s recommendation? When we first moved to New Jersey in 2000, we had never experienced a classic “diner.” When we went out to dinner it was always to a chain restaurant, Bob Evans, Perkins, Shoney’s, or similar.

However, none of these chains had a location near us in Burlington. Instead there were little diners, Liberty II, Wedgwood and Mastoris. Unlike the slick, uniform appearance of the chains with which we were familiar, most of these places looked a bit shabby from the outside. I had eaten breakfast in the odd greasy spoon in Maryland but beyond breakfast, they weren’t great dining options so I passed on these.

One day, I moaned to a coworker, “There were no good family restaurants near us.”

She couldn’t have looked more shocked if I had let out a string colorful expletives. “What are you talking about? You live just a few miles from Mastoris?” She said the word “Mastoris” almost reverently.

“What is Mastoris?”

“It is one of the best diners in New Jersey.”

“Oh. I’ve never been a big fan of diners. I was thinking of something like Bob Evans.”

“Well, once you eat at a good Jersey diner, you will NEVER want to eat at Bob Evans again.” She proceeded to tell me about the wonders of diners, specifically Mastoris, (they have the best cheese bread on the planet). So we tried Mastoris. Everything she said was true, right down to the best cheese bread on the planet. I am not sure I would have ever given Mastoris or any other diner a try had it not been for her recommendation. I would have missed so much.

There are books I love for the same reason. When I was eight a neighbor suggested the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. As a teenager, my friend Paula Leger gave me my first steamy historical romance–I was hooked. In the early nineties, my friend and neighbor Nancy Kressler gave me Firefly Summer, by Maeve Binchy (God rest her soul). I loved it. Since then I have read almost everything Maeve Binchy has ever written. As one of Ireland’s greatest authors ever, perhaps she didn’t need for Nancy to promote her books to me–but I needed them.

My suggestion today is that you recommend something that you love to a friend. You will not only be helping promote whatever it is, you might be giving a lasting gift to your friend.

Having said that, I would be both grateful and honored if you choose to tell a friend about one of my novels today.

❤ Ceci

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