Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card or Other Great Prizes

gamesI love games. Word games, board games, car games, puzzles, it doesn’t matter. I love them

I am suffering a bit of withdrawal. I gave up Candy Crush for Lent. It was sucking up time that I didn’t have and it was a good thing to set aside for a while. Still I am sorely in need of a game fix so I decided to make my own.

I am going to send you on a scavenger hunt for answers. I have asked two questions each about four great authors (and two about me) the answers for which can be found on their websites. You may have to click around a little to locate a few answers, but they are pretty easy to find and the questions are multiple choice. Click on each Author’s name below to link to their sites.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder
What other name does Sue-Ellen Welfonder write under?
a. Devorgilla Wiseun
b. Allie Mackay
c. Sill E. Belly
d. Scott O. Phil

What is the title of Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s next release (available now as a pre-order)?
a. Highlander in Her Dreams
b. Once Upon a Highland Christmas
c. Haggis is a Many Splendored Thing
d. To Love a Highlander

Tarah Scott
What other name does Tarah Scott write under?
a. Scarlett O’Hara
b. T.C. Archer
c. Earl MacLean
d. T.J. Cinnamon

What does Tarah Scott say her favorite book is?
a. A Tale of Two Cities
b. Highland Courage
c. Gone With the Wind
d. Are You My Mother?

Kate Robbins
What is the series name for Kate Robbins’ historical romances?
a. Heather and Mist
b. Highland Bound
c. Highland Chiefs
d. Kate’s Clans

What is the name of the contemporary romance that Kate Robbins is currently writing?
a. The Lady’s Portrait
b. Newfoundland Bound
c. I Dream of Ginger
d. Polar Vortex

Suzan Tisdale
What does Suzan Tisdale say her heroines end up doing?
a. Ripping their bodices
b. Traveling back in time
c. Throwing amazing Facebook parties
d. Rescuing the hero

Who is quoted on Suzan Tisdale’s home page?
a. Saint Patrick
b. Ceci Giltenan
c. Robert De Niro
d. Agatha Christy

Me (You can find the answers under the “about” tab)
What was Ceci’s first career?
a. Oncology Nursing
b. Sommelier
c. Opera Singer
d. Teacher

Where did Ceci meet her husband?
a. At a gas pump in New Jersey
b. At a friend’s wedding
c. At their wedding (much like her books, it was an arranged marriage)
d. On the side of the road when her rental car broke down in Ireland

Make a note of the letters corresponding to the correct answer and enter them, in order here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t use any commas or spaces. For example, acdcdbabc (this is not the correct sequence 😉 )

The contest ends on Friday at 2:00 Eastern Daylight time on Friday, April 4, 2014. A winner will be selected from the correct entries and will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card and a copy of each of my books (if they don’t already have them).

This just in winners will also be selected from the correct entries to win the following prizes:

One digital copy of any book from Tarah Scott’s back list.
One signed copy of Bound to the Highlander by Kate Robbins
One audio book from Suzan Tisdale
One copy of Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s new release on release day

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12 Responses to Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card or Other Great Prizes

  1. Vikki says:

    Thanks for the fun game:)

  2. Kimi Court says:

    That was fun. I like searching for the answers. I will hunt them down till I get it.

  3. What a fun giveaway! Thank you, Ceci! 🙂

  4. cecigiltenan says:

    I’m am so glad you are all enjoying this!
    ❤ Ceci

  5. Joanne says:

    Thanks Ceci!! You’re always so much fun!!! I’ll think of you while I’m playing CANDY CRUSH!!! LOL!!! xoxo

  6. I love scavenger hunts
    Thanks for the fun

  7. Debbie Lou M says:

    Scavenger hunts are for me! Thanks.

  8. Enikö says:

    Loved this scavenger hunt 😀

  9. cecigiltenan says:

    You are women after my very heart. Give me a puzzle to solve and I am a happy girl.

  10. annalba says:

    Out of 5 authors i had to look up 1 for the answers…. Though I did got just to confirm….
    Woot. ❤

  11. Sue-Ellen Welfonder says:

    Oh, I LOVE this, Ceci! What fun, and such clever choices! Brilliant! Thank you so much for including me. Love you! Just so sorry I saw this so late.

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