Mairead’s wedding wreath and bouquet

The hero and heroine of Highland Courage have a large festive wedding and after yesterday’s post, I thought I would share a brief excerpt about Mairead’s herb bouquet and the wreath she wears on her head.

When she was ready, her mother brought the finishing touches. “Mairead, love, here is your veil and a wreath for your hair. The wreath is woven from ivy because it represents fidelity and love. Each of your sisters selected a dried flower to include in the wreath.”

Annag said, “I put the pink roses in because they are symbols of beauty and grace, and ye, my little sister, are abundantly rich in both.”
“I put in the white roses for the obvious reason,” said Rose, whose full name, Rhoswen meant “white rose.” “But they are also symbols of respect and innocence.”

“I wanted to put in lilies, pet,” said Lily, “but it is the wrong time of the year, and they don’t dry well, so I completed the trio with red roses instead. I hope your marriage is full of the love and passion they represent.” Mairead blushed. Oddly, she hoped the same thing.

Her mother said, “My sweet, shy child, I added the tiny dried heartsease blossoms for happy thoughts, and thyme for courage. Your brother Flan wanted us to put in some mouse-ear, but I forbade it.” The women laughed, and Brigid continued more seriously, “What isn’t in the wreath is important too, my love. Ye are not a mouse. Ye are a lovely, gentle young woman, and I am very proud of ye.” She kissed her daughter’s cheeks and placed a sheer lace veil on her head. Annag positioned the wreath on top of the veil to hold it in place.

Her mother smiled warmly at her. “Ye look perfectly lovely, Mairead. Now, before we go to the chapel, here is your bouquet. It contains lavender for luck and devotion, myrtle for everlasting love and marital bliss, sage for long life and domestic virtue, rosemary for remembrance, parsley for happiness, and a little more thyme for courage.”

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5 Responses to Mairead’s wedding wreath and bouquet

  1. Beautiful post. I can’t wait to read this.

  2. cecigiltenan says:

    I am looking forward to this release.

  3. Mary Morgan says:

    What a beautiful excerpt. Just reading this makes me long for planting new herbs in my garden. So looking forward to reading this story.

  4. Sue-Ellen Welfonder says:

    Another simply beautiful excerpt! Brava! Know what? You knocked it out of the park with HIGHLAND SOLUTION, I predict this new book will really soar, reaching even greater heights. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  5. kelihasablog says:

    Can’t wait to read this one. I LOVED Highland Solution! Glad I found you here on WP cuz usually I comment on FB posts. It’s nice to see these also! 😀 You are just so talented! I know this next book will be fabulous!

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