Why do you read historical romance?

I realize I have friends who follow my blog who are not necessarily fans of romance in general, and historical romance in particular. However I know many of you are. Previously I have shared why I love historical romance. I love the fairy tale and the happily-ever-after. But I also love the situations that characters can be thrown into which simply can’t happen in modern romance. No one shows up at a young woman’s home in the 21st century, with a directive from the country’s leader, telling her she must marry a stranger and travel with him to his home. Just imagine that for a moment. Now imagine that he is handsome, and hurting, and needs you. There is a great story there but only believable in a setting where it could happen.

So, even if you only occasionally read historical romance, what is it about them that you enjoy?

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5 Responses to Why do you read historical romance?

  1. ann leeson says:

    For me I love the honour that the characters of the time have and the setting, I could just picture myself in that era and of course the happily ever after just makes it so complete.

  2. Annie Khemraj says:

    Hi Ceci,

    I of course love historical romance just like many other readers. My reason being, it’s a total awe feeling I get when I read a good romance book. The era is completely different from our 21st century (although I tend to think with the male sex, not much has changed as being bossy & possessive). My other reason is the fairy tale ending & happily ever after. I love how life back then was so simple but yet complex with everyday problems. With that being said, there is always a solution to any problem they encountered. With us 21st century human beings, it gets more complicated than easier to solve our own problems, the reason being we have too many options & choices & we ourselves make it harder to solve; so another reason to love historical romances is I find it’s easier in those times to get away to a fantasy world where people like myself can only dream of. I don’t think I have ever loved historicals as much as I do now.

    Thanks for reading my answer!

    Cheers all,
    Annie 🙂

    • cecigiltenan says:

      It really is about the fantasy isn’t it? I like a book that I can sink into and be transported to a world that feels simpler. Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be.

  3. kml7559 says:

    I read them for the adventure and romance. They can transport me right into their story. Also I was born in the wrong century. I am a medieval girl at heart and always will be.

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