This one is for the writers

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Graeme Brown, an author of dark fantasy. On New Year’s Eve, Graeme is hosting a writing event on Twitter under the hash tag #writingmarathon2013 and would like to extend the invitation to all writers.

Graeme is aiming to finalize his novel A Thousand Roads this year. It’s all coming together, but he plans to end the year with a final marathon. If you are a writer and you want to ring in the New Year with a leap forward on your current work in progress, you’re invited to the party.

“You can participate however you’d like, whether that means coming for an hour, or coming back a few times throughout the day, but it’s my hope that supporting one another with a writing event will be a great way to keep us accountable and putting in whatever time we can to our projects.”

For more details, see Graeme’s blog

I’ll be popping in occasionally. The last week has been filled with company and I have accomplished much less than I intended! New Year’s Eve will be on the quiet side in my house, so a little virtual party, that also helps me get some writing done sounds like just the thing.


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  1. Thanks for spreading word, Ceci! Looking forward to having fun with all the collective writing energy!

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