Remembering Heroes

Romance is all about the Hero and Heroine. We want these characters to be strong, compassionate and loyal. We want good to triumph over evil so that we reach the happy ending and the lovers’ embrace. Sigh.

Sadly in real life, this doesn’t always happen. On September 11, 2001, evil seemed to get the upper hand and we lost oh so many heroes. Today I simply ask that you take a moment to remember the brave people who ran towards the disaster, who saved lives at the cost of their own. I would also like you to remember the heroes with whom you interact daily; the fire fighters, police officers, and other emergency response personnel who are there when we need them. Take the opportunity to thank them, not just today, but whenever you see them.

This is my public thank-you to the heroes in my life, Paul Vincent, Paul Vincent Jr., and Gerald Bowen. Thank you gentlemen.

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3 Responses to Remembering Heroes

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  2. I’ve had this on my mind all day….

    • cecigiltenan says:

      It is hard not to. On that day I was on the phone with a colleague in Amersham England when her assistant stepped in the office to say that a plane had “an altercation” with one of the World Trade Centers. Everything that followed was frankly surreal.

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