Listening for the Changing Rhythms

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Our lives have rhythm. We listen and respond as the cadence changes. Sometimes it happens suddenly and drastically, as when we lose a loved one. Other times it happens more gradually as we move through the phases of our lives. Occasionally we don’t recognize the tempo changing immediately and feel out of step, trying desperately to dance to the wrong tune.

I think part of the key to being happy and feeling fulfilled, is realizing when we need to shut out the competing noise and listen. There are times when we need to seek silence so that we can find the rhythm again. For me this sacred silence allows me to listen to God, and to know where He is leading me.

Even the characters in my books seek the comfort of silence occasionally:

“Sitting on one of the benches in the sparsely furnished chapel, Katherine took a deep breath, inhaling the faint aroma of beeswax and incense that seemed to linger in every church. The tension she couldn’t seem to escape in Eithne’s presence slipped away, leaving her feeling calmer than she had in days. She missed this. She prayed quietly for a while. When she reached the end of her litany she simply sat in the stillness, savoring the tranquility. She felt a holiness in simply being still that she couldn’t quite explain, but of all days, today she needed the sacred silence.”

The rhythm of my life is changing. There is a new melody playing and I haven’t quite got it figured out yet. However, I have listened to it and felt it resonate in my soul. This is the dance that is meant for me.

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